Benelli M2 Field

Benelli M2 Field
Benelli M2 Field

The new Benelli M2 Field with ComforTech™ is literally the softest kicking 20-gauge in the world. Benelli’s precise engineering and innovative technology has created a shotgun that can withstand the rigors of high-volume shooting without wearing down the shooter. The M2 Field 20-gauge incorporates the same system that reduced the recoil of its 12-gauge bigger brother so noticeably. ComforTech™ not only reduces felt recoil on the M2 Field 20-gauge, but muzzle climb is virtually nonexistent.
The new M2 Field 20-gauge with ComforTech also features GripTight™–a textured and distinctive over-coating that provides a sure and positive grip in every type of condition, whether you grip the gun with bare hands or with gloves on.

“Because the lightweight M2 Field 20-gauge is such a such soft-kicker, it allows you to get back on target faster than any other 20-gauge currently available,” said Stephen McKelvain, Benelli USA’s VP of Marketing & Communications. “Combining ComforTech and GripTight makes this shotgun comfortable to hold and shoot—and it’s easy on the shoulder.”

The M2 Field 20-Gauge uses Benelli’s fast-firing, ultra-reliable Inertia Driven™ system.


Model M2 Field
Gauge 20 (3-inch)
Magazine Capacity 3+1
Barrel Length 24- and 26-inch
Barrel Type Vent Rib, Benelli standard chokes (F,IM,M,IC,C)
Sights Red Bar Front
Metal Finish Blued or Advantage® Timber HD™
Stock Material Synthetic
Stock Finish GripTight™ or Advantage® Timber HD™
Average Weight 5.7 lbs., 5.8 lbs.
Overall Length 45.3 inches, 47.3 inches
Length of Pull 14 3/8 inches
Drop at Heel 2 inches
Drop at Comb 1 3/8 inches
MSRP From $1175 to $1305