Benelli Super Black Eagle II

Benelli Super Black Eagle II
Benelli Super Black Eagle II

The Super Black Eagle™ was the first autoloader to tame the recoil of the thumping 31/2 inch 12-gauge. It allowed smooth, reliable functioning, even with standard field loads and many hunters thought it was the ultimate in magnum autoloader development. After all, in a decade of production it carved out a name for itself as the perfect shotgun for waterfowling, turkey hunting and slug shooting. But Benelli wasn’t content to let the Super Black Eagle™ rest on its laurels. The Super Black Eagle II™ set a new upper limit for 31/2 inch 12-gauge performance with a fistful of innovations:

  • The new ComforTech™ system stock reduces recoil up to 48 percent over the competition, without adding any moving parts or weight. Compared to competitive brands the Benelli weighs 13 to 15 percent less –– that is a pound or more on average!
  • The ComforTech™ system reduces muzzle climb by 15 percent allowing the shooter to get back on target up to 69 percent faster than the competition.
  • To place as much as 13.2 percent more pellets on target and produce patterns that are more evenly distributed, Benelli added the new Crio™ system. Cryogenically treating the barrel at temperatures less than -300° F changes matter at the molecular level, relieving stresses left over from hammer-forging. Crio™ treatment makes the barrel move consistently, shot after shot. It also produces a smoother bore surface that offers less resistance to the wad and shot charge and it stays cleaner.
  • The second part of the Crio™ system is the cryogenically treated extra-long choke tubes called CrioChokes™. The smoother surface, combined with a longer more gradual constriction, results in reduced pellet deformation. And that means more consistent harder-hitting patterns.
  • Benelli’s new AirTouch™ is a dimpled grip surface molded right into the stock for a secure grip under the toughest conditions.
  • The receiver has attractive new lines. And no matter how heavy your gloves you’ll find plenty of room with a trigger guard that offers 31 percent more space. The fore-end has also been redesigned to better accommodate shooters of all sizes.
  • A new stainless steel recoil tube assembly for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and it can be cleaned easily by removing the quick-detachable gel recoil pad.

The Super Black Eagle II proves it: it is possible to improve on perfection!