Franchi 712 and 720 Series

Franchi’s 712 and 720 create a diverse line of stylish, modern shotguns for every hunting challenge.

Franchi 720 Raptor
Franchi 720 Raptor

Today’s shotgunner won’t just make do with one “old reliable”. He demands hunting arms tailored precisely to the game and its surroundings. The Franchi 712 and 720 model deliver shotguns whose beauty can stand up to the real world. If you like the traditional look of wood and blued steel, Franchi offers the all-new WeatherCoat™ finish, a five-step process that impregnates the walnut stock with a water-resistant treatment that will shed water even the heaviest downpour. No conditions will prove too tough for a WeatherCoated™ stock. Basic black is always in style, and you can select a 712 or 720 with matte metal finish and synthetic stock. For those who like to blend in, there are camouflaged versions in Advantage Max-4 or Timber High Definition patterns. To add versatility to your 712 there’s an optional accessory 24″ smooth-bore slug barrel. It comes with fully-adjustable rifle sights and screw-in choke, perfect for spring turkey or fall whitetails. Because receivers are made with light, durable aluminum, the 712 and 720 are some of the lightest autoloaders available. You’ll be cat-quick on target, and still fresh at the end of the longest day afield. They’re some of the safest autos you can buy, too, with a magazine cutoff system that makes it easy to remove a chambered shell when crossing a fence or boarding a boat.

A rotating bolt head is at the heart of the ultra-reliable Benelli autoloaders, and is licensed for use in Franchi semi-autos. The rotating bolt head locks bank vault tight into the barrel extension. The stress of firing is mainly confined to the barrel and bolt, allowing a lighter

The retail prices for the new 712 and 720 models will range from $750 for synthetic, to $815 for WeatherCoat™ walnut, to $855 for either Advantage® Max-4 HD™ or Timber HD™.