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Franchi I-12

The Franchi I-12 “Inertia Driven”

Franchi I-12

Franchi I-12

The I-12 is a brand new Inertia DrivenTM semi-automatic shotgun form Franchi that incorporates all of the lightweight, fast-handling design features that Franchi is know for, with the World-class dependability of the Inertia DrivenTM operating system.

The Inertia DrivenTM system does away with the heavy gas cylinder under the fore-end, keeping the I-12 feather-light, slender and perfectly balanced. To tame recoil Franchi developed a two-part recoil pad with a special gel insert. The pad holds it shape during firing, then the gel insert allows the pad to deeply compress, soaking up recoil energy and spreading the kick over the widest area possible.

Chambered for 2 3/4” and 3” ammunition, the I-12 comes decked for any occasion — Advantage® Timber HDTM for turkey hunting, Advantage® MAX-4TM for duck, black synthetic for all-round or traditional satin finished walnut that is always in style.