Nosler Custom Model 48 Sporter Rifle

NoslerCustom Model 48 Sporter
NoslerCustom Model 48 Sporter

Nosler’s Model 48 Custom Sporter Rifle has even the most discriminating rifle owners proud to have this in their collection.  For 2011, the Sporter will be available in four new chamberings in addition to seven left-handed options providing yet another reason to own one.

Model 48 Custom Sporter
.22-250 Rem .280 Ackley Imp. Light countour BBL .338 Win Mag (R&L Handed)
.257 Roberts +P .280 Ackley Imp. (R&L Handed) .35 Whelen (R&L Handed)
6.5-284 Norma (R&L Handed) .30-06 (R&L Handed)
.270 Win (R&L Handed) .300 Win Mag (R&L Handed)

Designed and built for the hunter who appreciates a higher level of performance on the bench, yet demands huntability in the field. The Model 48 weighs between 6 ¼ – 7 ½ pounds and delivers guaranteed ¾” three-shot groups at 100 yards using Nosler’s Trophy Grade™ ammunition .

To achieve the highest level of accuracy, the smooth yet robust Model 48 action is mated to a hand-lapped, free-floating 24″ match grade stainless steel barrel that has been custom chambered for each cartridge.  A true all-weather rifle, the Model 48 Sporter integrates a slate-grey CERAKOTE™ finish on all exterior metals along with the unique MicroSlickÔ coating on interior metal surfaces such as inside the bolt body, firing pin, and firing pin spring for maximum corrosion and wear-resistance.

The deep onyx gray, Extreme Conditions Stock is made from a proprietary blend of hand-laid Kevlar® creating an ultra-rigid platform for the glass-pillar bedded action in addition to increasing the durability of the rifle.  The stock exterior possesses a Teflon coating for increased grip and protection in all weather conditions as well as resistance to corrosive solvents and excessive wear.

MSRP for the NoslerCustom Model 48 Sporter is $2,995 and $3,195 in left-hand configuration.