Uberti Stallion: Single-Action Army Revolver

Uberti Stallion: Single-Action Army Revolver 3300x1973
Uberti Stallion: Single-Action Army Revolve


For 2009, A. Uberti, is pleased to announce new Stallion Revolvers, an exciting collection of scaled-down, 1873 Army models offered in economical .22 Long Rifle and potent .22 Magnum calibers. Almost from the time that hard riding troopers of the U.S. cavalry first carried it into action, Sam Colt’s new 1873 Single Action Army revolver was well on its way to becoming an American classic. Now Uberti, manufacturer of the world’s most respected modern replica firearms, carries on the tradition with the new Stallions, specially configured for modern shooters utilizing a smaller grip and economical small-bore calibers. New Stallion models include eight variations with three new barrel lengths (4.75, 5.5 and 6.5 inches). Stallion revolvers are chambered in .22 LR. and special convertible models include two interchangeable fluted cylinders, allowing the use of .22 LR and .22 Magnum.  All Stallions feature color case-hardened frames, blued barrels, elegant brass or blued steel backstraps (B/S) and trigger guards (T/G).


“We are very pleased to offer these exciting new additions to the Cattleman single-action line,” said Stephen McKelvain, Benelli’s VP of Marketing & Communications. “The Stallions are economic to shoot and offer the Uberti Cattleman franchise to small-bore fans. In addition, the convertible models will extend our classic “peacemaker”  design into a whole range of shooting possibilities.”


The new models include the following configurations and specifications:

Model Caliber Barrel Length Materials MSRP
Stallion .22LR 4.75″ Brass B/S & T/G $449
Stallion (conv.) .22LR & .22 Mag 4.75″ Brass B/S & T/G (2 cyl.) $519
Stallion .22LR 4.75″ Steel B/S & T/G $479
Stallion (conv.) .22LR & .22 Mag 4.75″ Steel B/S & T/G (2 cyl.) $549
Stallion .22LR 5.5″ Brass B/S & T/G. $569
Stallion (conv.) .22LR & .22 Mag 5.5″ Brass B/S & T/G (2 cyl.) $519
Stallion (conv.) .22LR & .22 Mag 5.5″ Steel B/S & T/G (2 cyl.) $549
Stallion Target (conv.) .22LR & .22 Mag 6.5″ Steel B/S & T/G (2 cyl.) $569

SPECIFICATIONS: Cylinder: 6-shot, fluted; Number of Grooves: 6; Twist: Right; Total Length: 11″; Weight: 2 lbs.;
Grip: 1-pc Smooth Walnut grips.